This is our story of our city - a city with wellbeing and quality of life at its heart.

'Living better' isn't a claim, is is an aspiration and a key part of how we work together.

We think that quality of life is key to a successful and thriving city. It's our competitive advantage, something that sets us apart and is increasingly something to shout about

Exeter is the brilliant alternative to so many things in life. Our business, communities, institutions, education facilities and residents consistently prove to be the brilliant alternative to so many other areas  In this heart of Devon, Exeter is a city built on community, trust and resilience, where everyone has their part to play and so many gladly step up.

Firmly in best kept secret territory, Exeter is a place where you can visit, study, work and live better. Our story is based on facts - not fluff. 

Exeter Live Better has been created to encapsulate all of this and the many examples in everyday life.

Often the city hides its light under a bushel - and then hides the bushel.

Exeter Live Better is our city's story. It's your story too so please join us in celebration of our brilliant city. 

It’s our story. Exeter is ‘The Brilliant Alternative’ to so many others – with quality of life at the heart. It is the golden thread around ‘why Exeter’ that brings competitive advantage by our city pulling together. You may have seen it on the signs, on the shirts, and on everything from major polices around people to festivals and events. In Exeter wellbeing is at the heart of life. Exeter is a city where you truly can Live Better.

Exeter is one of the UK’s fastest growing economies and home to a range of tech businesses, including the Met Office. The city is working towards quality of life being considered at every stage. It holds a reputation of being a thriving city centre, within a network of thriving rural and coastal towns and villages. Exeter is a city with collaboration at its heart.

A small city that packs a big punch, Exeter is one of the most attractive and historically interesting cities in England.

Whether your child is just starting their learning journey or on the road to graduation Exeter is the place to give your child a brilliant start in life.


“A city of courage and ambition”

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