Exeter Live Better

Welcome to Exeter Live Better.

It has been created to provide information for people who want to find out more about what Exeter has to offer. It is also a set of guidelines for our partners to allow them to communicate about Exeter with consistency.

We want the narrative to be owned by individuals and organisations committed to playing a full part in the promotion of the city.

Exeter is smart and confident enough to do things differently when appropriate. Not different for its own sake. Different in order to make life better for everyone who lives, studies and works here.

Exeter has played a pivotal role in the life of the Peninsula for centuries. But regional resonance is no longer enough. And Exeter is now one of the UK’s most successful cities, on so many measures.

Such as: consistent economic growth; education and research (world-leading in environmental science, for example); fluency in technology/data; innovation across the board.

We are positioning Exeter as “the brilliant alternative”.

Yes, it offers great lifestyle. But we go further, and incorporate the fundamental elements of what contributes to a great life.

Our mantra is: “Exeter. Live Better”.

If you click on the various links in this section you can find out all about it, and hopefully play your part.

Do get in touch. Email William Nowell at exeterlivebetter@exeter.gov.uk or call him on 01392 265597.